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Training is the key to success with any system. If your staff understand the system, they will like using it, and will find ways to use it more effectively. We have a variety of training plans that we will tailor to your operation so that you can make the most of your technology investment. Don't let your staff learn by trial and error. A well thought out training plan will pay for itself in increased staff morale, reduced errors, and a smoother operation overall.

We work with your staff to schedule training that takes place at your establishment, a Wetherly facility, or a combination of the two. Using training guides developed internally by Wetherly experts or the system vendor we ensure that training progress is closely monitored. Employees who are experiencing difficulty are coached individually until they are proficient.

When you upgrade or replace a system your staff have to learn new screens, procedures, and reports. Our trainers are experts on these systems and will explain the differences and suggest new short cuts to get the information you are accustomed to. Your Wetherly team will also help you take advantage of the advanced capabilities of your new system.

Over time your staff may forget some of what they learned during the initial training, or may develop some bad habits. You may also promote an employee to a new position that requires different skills. We can provide additional training, either at your property or a Wetherly facility.

Training at your location has several advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that your staff doesn't have to travel anywhere, they will have access to reports or screens that they want to ask questions about, and they are available should you suddenly get busy. The disadvantages are that the staff may be interrupted or may feel pressure to rush through the lesson so they can "get back to work".

Training at a Wetherly facility has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that your staff are more open to learning at a different location, they don't have the interruptions and distractions of their normal tasks, and there is usually more space and a larger variety of equipment available at a Wetherly training center. The disadvantages are that the staff has to travel to the training facility, and they are not immediately available should the need arise.

At Wetherly we develop on-line training programs that are designed to make learning fun. Rather than a boring lesson plan, our on-line training is designed like a computer game, where points can be earned for selecting the correct answers. The progress of your staff is monitored and a detailed analysis of training progress is available on-line at any time to managers you select.

At Wetherly we pioneered computer-based learning for the hospitality industry. In fact the "Tutor" was our first major PC-based product, released back in early 1990. We now have 15 years experience designing  computer-based learning systems. Wetherly lessons are tailored to the individual student. A student can end a session and pick up later from where they left off or go back and review previous material at any time. A manager can review the progress of a student including time spent, errors made, modules completed, and modules still remaining. Once you have computer-based learning you'll wonder why you tied up your best people doing repetitive training for so many years.

At Wetherly we can develop a complete training program that works within your goals and your budget using a combination of the above methods. You will be amazed at the improvement in staff morale and the reduction in errors that result from a good training program.

For more information, contact a sales representative toll-free at 1-800-338-8880 or by e-mail at sales@wetherly.com.



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